Monday, September 15, 2014

Alien in the Delta - Eudora, AR


Thankful Strother is the main character in Alien in the Delta. He grew up on welfare in the small southern segregated rural town of Eudora Arkansas near the Mississippi River. He attended elementary and high school In Eudora. His first part time job at age fourteen was working for the local   newspaper company (The Eudora Enterprise) cleaning floors and   washing windows. After graduating from high school at age seventeen he took the entrance exam for the US Air Force and failed it. Several months later after moving to Detroit, MI. to live with his sibling, he took the test and passed it. In November of 1961 he went into the USA Air Force. Upon completing basic training his goal was to follow in his brother’s foot steps and go to France but he was sent to Germany instead and assigned to work in the motor pool. He refused to learn to drive on purpose and failed his drivers test because he did not want to be in the motor pool. Later he accepted his fate. His first year in the motor pool he flipped a truck upside down nearly killing a German lady pushing her baby in a stroller.

While his peers went to the bars and nightclubs having fun he attended college at night. He would have plenty of adventures in the future to talk and write about because he learned how to speak German and met his future wife.

The Child is the first book in the three book Alien in the Delta Series. It highlights the life of a boy from the age of six until he graduates from high school at age seventeen. During that time he discovers music, girls, sex, learns to dance, and becomes self-aware. 

The Soldier
 is the second book in the series. Thankful Strother spent four years in the United States Air Force. He was stationed in Germany where he learned to speak German, met his future wife and traveled throughout Europe

The Adult 
is the third book in the series. Thankful returns home from Germany. He settles in Detroit, gets married, starts a family and buys their first house. He goes to work in the automotive industry, learns to program computers, enters the corporate world and becomes a successful real estate investor.