Saturday, September 7, 2013

Sept 7, 2013 - Series - Alien in the Delta

After learning to speak German, my confidence increased tenfold. German was very difficult to learn, and sometimes I wanted to stop and give up, but I kept on making mistakes, and finally the day came, and I was speaking German. Why didn’t I quit? Because of my very low-skill job in the motor pool, driving vehicles, I was motivated to continue learning German. The US Air Force hadn’t trained me or given me a skill that was usable out of the military. Not wanting to waste four year in the US Air Force without learning something, I decided to attend as much school as possible and get a degree at the expense of the US Air Force. That was my original thinking until I learned to speak German. The language exposed me to so many new real-life adventures that I didn’t attend anymore classes. I learned something of value from every contact that was made with the German people and their culture. I was a friend to Americans who couldn’t speak German and a friend of Germans who couldn’t speak English. My social life benefited the most from my learning German. Learning helps to build confidence and success.