Saturday, June 14, 2014

Alien in the Delta - Amazon Best Seller - $3.99

Grand Lake, Arkansas
Thankful Strother is the main character in Alien in the Delta. He grew up on welfare in the segregated rural town of Eudora Arkansas near the Mississippi River. His first job at age fourteen was working for the local   newspaper company cleaning floors and   washing windows. Graduated from high school at age seventeen and took the entrance exam for the US Air Force and failed it. He took it later in that year and passed. He asked to go to France but was sent to Germany instead and assigned to work in the motor pool. He would not learn how to drive a car and failed his drivers test because he did not want to be in the motor pool. He later accepted his fate. After learning how to drive he flipped a truck upside down his first year in Germany. While his peer went to the bars and nightclubs having fun he attended college at night. He would have plenty of adventures in the future to write about because he learned how to speak German.