Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Happy Father's Day - Alien in the Delta Series

I am Thankful Strother author of the Alien in the Delta Series. Download them from Amazon or ask for them in your local library. The Alien in the Delta Series come in e-books and paperback. Thank you for your support. 

Writing my memoir was one of the most satisfying experiences in my life. It says that I was here and my family and friends will have something from me to remember. I encourage each of you to write about your life experiences. Reading my memoir series will provide you with an example or guide to follow and write your memoir. Good luck and start writing today.

"The Child" is the first book in the three book series. It highlights the life of a boy from the age of six until he graduates from high school at age seventeen. During that time he discovers music, girls, sex, learns to dance, and becomes self-aware. This book will put you in a nostalgic mood.

This book demonstrates well the concept that everyone has a story to be told. Drama/humor, love/hate, success/failure, happiness/sadness -- you want it? You have got it in this entertaining beginning of a life's memoirs. See how "The Child" compares to your own childhood. I feel today's adolescents would benefit from reading it.

"The Soldier" is the second book in the series. Thankful Strother spent four years in the United States Air Force. He was stationed in Germany during the cold war, where he learned to the German language, met his future wife and traveled throughout Europe. The book is filled with history from  that time and many humorist situations.

"The Soldier" is a well-narrated and inspiring story. I like the non-pretenses style of this author. It is easy to grasp the inherent life concepts while experiencing along with the story-teller all the emotions that he must have encountered during this phase of his life. Young adults who are contemplating what kind of future they want for themselves might benefit from this reading this book.

"The Adult" is the third book in the series. Thankful returns home from Germany. He settles in Detroit, gets married, starts a family and buys their first house. He goes to work in the automotive industry, learns to program computers, enters the corporate world and becomes a successful manager and real estate investor. 

What I like about this book is the opportunity to travel with the imagery throughout the geographical areas as well as the thought patterns and decisions of the characters and see how they lead to an economically successful life. "The Adult" is an interesting and easy read that can be done in one sitting by the average reader.