Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Child - Free Thursday and Friday

The Alien (inner child) never leaves us regardless how old we become. Some of us learn to live with the inner child. Others want to forget the memories of the inner child. When I started to think about writing a book about my life I wanted to remember my childhood years as far back as possible. It was such a challenge because you do not know what you will encounter as to try to remember. I actually spent several years recalling my early childhood. You could say I got stuck in the pass. When I finished my childhood years I had two chapters finished.

My inner child takes you on a journey that highlights the life experiences of a boy from the age of six through manhood. He grew up on the Mississippi River in the Arkansas Delta, but felt out-of-place in that environment. In his home town prejudice and inequality were practice openly. His escape from the Delta was not realized until he went abroad. He takes you on his adventures in the rural south and throughout Europe. He shares with you a variety of emotions including fear, sadness, happiness, and amusement. Alien in the Delta is a memoir about overcoming adversity.