Thursday, September 12, 2013

Alien in the Delta - My First Car - Mercedes-Benz

I am looking for a new car. I am planning to drive the Tesla next week.

The first car I owned was a 1949 Mercedes – Benz. 

My friend Bobby and I bought a 1949 Mercedes- Benz together. We paid $350.00 for the car. We drove the car one week and the car broke down. We did not have any money to repair the car so we had to sell it. We attempted to sell the car for the same amount money we had paid. We had no takers. So every weekend we would go to the storage lot and just sat in the car and admired its beauty. Sometimes we would bring something with us to drink. We would also be joined by friends who sat in the back seats. If you saw us you would think we were going on a long trip. After about nine months of ownership we finally found someone to buy our pride and joy. We sold the car for $250.00.  I was eighteen years old. I bought my next Mercedes when I was fifty-six years old. It took me thirty-eight years to own a car I had always admired. When I purchased the Mercedes I worked for AT&T as the Client Business Manager responsible for the Daimler/Chrysler Account. I left the work force two years later at age fifty-eight. I am please to report that I still have the Mercedes. It is thirteen years old.

1949 Mercedes - Benz