Saturday, July 27, 2013

Download [FREE] copy of "The Child" - Today July 27/2013

            When on my jobs at the newspaper, I received a call from the hospital. Everyone at my work was concerned that someone in my family was sick or had been injured. I got on the phone, the person on the other end wanted to know if she had Thankful on the phone. I said yes, and she said that she was calling from the hospital because a young woman’s wanted to let me know that she had just had a baby boy, and she wanted to name her baby after me. Who had a baby? She wanted to do what? What was the young woman name? I was told it was my young friend who had run away. The hospital clerk wanted to verify the correct spelling of my name. I hesitated and took a deep breath. This was such a surprise and a lot to process quickly. What if I wanted to use that name for my child? Would people think this was my baby? What would my parents think? Why me? Those were just a few thoughts that went through my mind. I finally told the nurse that she had spelled my name correctly. I then asked how the young lady and the baby were doing. The nurse said okay. I told her to extend my congratulations to my young friend and the father.

           When I got off the phone, my boss wanted to know if everything was okay, and I told him that this young woman had named her baby boy after me. Everyone at my work found out about the child with my name. I was teased for at least a week. Can you believe that anyone would want to name her child after me? I didn’t tell my family about what had happened because I didn’t want to try explaining the reason. After that call from the hospital, I never heard anything about or from the young woman and the child again. I have often wondered where that child with my name is now.