Saturday, December 23, 2017

12-23-2017 - Alien in the Delta - FREE BOOK OF THE DAY

Alien in the Delta

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Alien in the Delta by Thankful Strother is a memoir of notable events and observations from the author's life. It is a short, yet entertaining book which gives readers a glimpse into a particular period of American history.

Thankful Strother shares a series of memorable events throughout his lifetime. Some of them feature well-known events, such as his reaction to JFK's assassination, while others are personal memories. The stories run the gamut from early home life to first kiss, from a stint in the US Air Force to the purchase of income property. The combination of facts and the author's thoughts and feelings, make for interesting reading. Several personal photos are scattered throughout the book.

I really enjoyed reading about Thankful's life. He is a good storyteller and has a knack for sharing the lessons he has learned in life. I could not believe some of the things he experienced, such as the escapades he had in Europe (inappropriate for younger readers). Also, it was quite interesting to learn about his experiences as a black man in the South, in the U.S. Air Force, in Europe, and marrying a German woman. I was gratified by how much Thankful was able to accomplish in his life, despite the obstacles present to black men during that time period in the U.S.

The format of this book is somewhat unique. It does not follow the typical chapter model, but is divided into topical sections by headings. Each section is fairly short. The concise sections make this an ideal book to read in small increments. The writing style could be classified as conversational. It is as if the author is simply telling readers a series of life stories.