Friday, April 13, 2018

Alien in the Delta - Kindle Edition $2.99

Alien in the Delta


Alien in the Delta by Thankful Strother is a memoir of notable events and observations from the author's life. It is a short, yet entertaining book which gives readers a glimpse into a particular period of American history.

Strother shares a series of memorable events throughout his lifetime. Some of them feature well-known events, such as his reaction to JFK's assassination, while others are personal memories. The stories run the gamut from early home life to first kiss, from a stint in the US Air Force to the purchase of income property. The combination of facts and the author's thoughts and feelings, make for interesting reading. Several personal photos are scattered throughout the book.

Written more as personal memoir than conventional autobiography, Strother, shares with the reader both a personal narrative of facts and feelings in a concise and credible 200-page work.

Strother's time line comes against the familiar backdrop of recent American post-World War II history, including the segregation, prejudice and inequality that was synonymous with the times and growing up in the Arkansas Delta.

To his credit, Strother doesn't solely focus on the hardness of the times he grew up in. He shares in equal parts his feelings of amusement, happiness and sense of humor. He rises above stereotypical thinking, reflective, but never bitter about adversity he faced.

Strother's narrative brings the contrast of the rural South to experiences he had later in life, such as living in Germany in the 1960s and later being in the corporate world, where he worked for such tech giants as NCR Corporation and AT&T.

While Strother says he is not a speaker or advocate, his impressive resume later in his life -- and his success story -- lends itself to being equal parts inspirational and theatrical as his story is one of coming up from relative poverty to have a successful military and corporate career. "I am really not advocating for anyone; I just wanted to tell these stories of things I experienced, and I feel that in itself is a wonderful accomplishment. There were excitement, humor and history with those times," he said.